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Levati Food Tech sterilization test facilities

Bringing products to market quickly and successfully requires a complete understanding of the effects of processing right from the start. At Levati Food tech we have access to some of the finest test facilities in the world fot the testing and evalutation of the food sterilization processes. With over 45 years of experience in food procesing we have the ability to understand your products and applications and so help you to achieve your desired outcome quickly and economically.

Out testing is performed in cooperation with Stazione Sperimentale delle Conserve Alimentari (SSICA) in Parma. When we offer thermal process design and validation, temperature distribution analysis, and heat penetration measurements to determine the correct sterilization recipe for each of your products.

The facility is staffed by our own thermal process experts and specialists in food preservation who will work with your own technicians to ensure the security of outcome you require.

Stazione Sperimentale delle Conserve Alimentari ( SSICA ) in Parma

Using the facilities and expertise of the Stazione Sperimentale delle Conserve Alimentari (SSICA) at the university of Parma we have the ability to run exhaustive laboratory trials to validate sterilization recipes to match your customer's expectations.... (read more)

Hire our lab-scale rotary SRC retort for trials on your own premises.

If you wish to carry out confidential testing of products and sterilization processes, you may hire our lab-size SRC rotary retort - which features both fixed and rotating spray nozzles - for use on your own premises  .... (read more)


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