Sterilization and pasteurization for food processing

Most food that is required to a have a shelf life of over 20 days outside tha cold chain will require sterilization at temperatures of around 121°C. The process has to be carefully controlled to preserve the colour, flavour, texture and nutritional value of the product while ensuring its safety and shelf life. 

Every type of product has different requirements related to the product itself and the container it is packed in. Whether you are producing baby food, pet food, vegetables, meat, beverages, sea food or ready-to-eat meals; whether they are packed in steel cans, aluminium cans, jars, pouches and trays - we can perfect a recipe for you that will treat the product gently, achieve the shelf life you require and provude your customers with a first class product that looks good, tastes good and maintains a high vitamin and mineral content..

Our task is to choose the right tecnology and process paramenters that will achieve the desired outcome. 
We have the choice of a static retort or our new SRC rotary retort. We can then balance the elements of temperature, pressure, time and dynamics to ensure total prodct safety while maintaning the quality you demand and your customers expect.
Throughout the whole process our built-in Safe Sterilization Management ( SSM) keeps you in control and provides full track and trace capabilities to conform to all international requirements. it allows you the flexibility to adjust parameters as necessary to accept changes in the product or containers being sterilized.
As always, our tecnology helps you to produce the finest products, achieve maximum productivity, meet your environmental obligations and keep one step ahead of your competition.


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