Sterilization Island

Preparing food products for sterilization

The Levati food Tech sterilization island continuously handles the sterilization of packages from closing through to the delivery of a fully sterilized product ready for further packaging.

In this fully automatic system the whole process can be handled by a single operator. 

Each sterilization island is uniquely designed for its application and optimised to ensure the smallest practical footprint. They can be integrated with conveyors, elevators, shuttle systems or any equipment necessary to meet your requirements.

The sterilization island also provides easy operator access to the control system. Our control systems provide a full track and trace capability and allow you to monitor each retort during the sterilization process so you can see the status at any time. We call it Safe Sterilization Management (SSM). SSM also provides a portal through which our engineers can gain online access to the control software. Should a software fault develop, our engineers will be able to dial in remotely and fix the problem. If there is a physical fault, the system automatically alerts our support team so they are prepared and can respond quickly and effectively.


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