Efficient handling of sterilized food products

Efficient food sterilization and pasteurization requires the latest handling techniques to ensure consistently high product quality. Not only must cans, jars, pouches and trays be loaded carefully into retort crates to permit even heat penetration, but precautions must be taken to protect each production run should a problem, such as a power outage, occur.

At Levati Food Tech we offer equipment and systems for fully automatic or semi-automatic loading and un-loading of the crates. For fully automated sterilization systems we offer automatic loading and un-loading of the shuttles carrying the crates to and from the retorts. This allows us to match the handling process accurately to your needs for each application.

Double-loading shuttles for product security

Our handling systems feature a double-loading shuttle system. This unique design is particularly important for large plants using multiple retorts for high-volume production. The system keeps the shuttles for loading product and unloading the sterilized product separate. This means that if there is a power outage or other interruption in processing there can never be any doubt whether the product has been sterilized or not. This avoids a real problem for some plants especially when a problem occurs over a change of shift.

Double-shuttles make it mechanically impossible for product to miss out on sterilization. 

Safe Sterilization Management (SSM)

Throughout the handling process our control systems provide a full track and trace capability and allow you to monitor each retort during the sterilization process so you can see the status at any time. We call it Safe Sterilization Management (SSM). SSM also provides a portal through which our engineers can gain online access to the control software. Should a software fault develop, our engineers will be able to dial in remotely and fix the problem. If there is a physical fault, the system automatically alerts our support team so they are prepared and can respond quickly and effectively.


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