Online and Onsite Maintenance

Maintaining Levati Food Tech Sterilization and Pasteurization equipment

Although your Levati Food Tech sterilization and pasteurization equipment is built to give you long service, like any precision-made system it requires regular servicing to keep it working at maximum efficiency and ensure the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Our engineers at Levati Food Tech have the ability to handle both routine servicing and emergency call outs and, using our network of companies around the world, can provide you with a truly global service.

We recommend routine servicing every 6-12 months however, as every system and application is different, we will work with you right from the commissioning stage to agree the required service intervals and develop a maintenance programme that will keep your system running with the minimum possible downtime.

We only use original parts, including seals, chains, etc. to ensure the continued high performance of your Levati Food Tech sterilization and pasteurization technology. Using non-original parts may seriously impair performance and compromise the safety and long-term reliability of your sterilization system.

Our new calibration service gives us the opportunity of calibrating all the probes within the retort as part of the normal service schedule. This avoids additional down time for the equipment and removes the need for you to employ a third-party calibration company.

Using our SSM (Safe Sterilization Management) software, we can analyse software faults on your systems online from our engineering centre. In most cases our engineers can rectify any minor faults remotely saving you time, money and avoiding unnecessary down time.

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