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Upgrading control systems in aging food sterilization equipment

Levati Food Tech retorts are extremely robust, giving a very long and reliable service life. In fact sometimes our equipment is so long-lasting that it outlives its own control technology. Often that old control system can no longer be supported so an upgrade becomes inevitable at some stage.

Even after 20 or 30 years of reliable service your retort and associated handling equipment may well still perform as new. By upgrading the plant’s control system it is often possible to give it a new lease of life, improving the flexibility and accuracy of the system while making it easier for your operators to use and providing you with much more management information, including track and trace.

A new control system will, for example, allow you to control temperature and pressure much more accurately. This level of control will allow you to refine your sterilization recipes to reduce overall cooking time to the minimum necessary to achieve the desired outcome. By balancing temperature, pressure, time and dynamics more precisely you will be able to ensure the best possible product quality for your customers.

Of course, even the most reliable and robust equipment needs upgrading at some time. Through our on-going relationship we will continually monitor the suitability of your equipment for its required duty. If, at any time, we feel that there is an economic case for an upgrade of any part of the plant, we will work with you to develop an appropriate business case taking into account your needs today and in the foreseeable future. 

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