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Spare parts service for Levati Food Tech retorts and handling equipment

We always recommend the use of original spare parts to ensure the top performance of Levati Food Tech sterilization and pasteurization equipment. Our components are all made to our own exacting specifications and use the finest and most appropriate materials. Using non-original parts may seriously impair performance, compromise the safety and long-term reliability of your sterilization system and invalidate the warranty of new equipment.

We strongly recommend that all plants keep a minimum stock of wear parts, such as seals, chains and crates, on their own premises. This then allows our engineers to travel quickly between locations to perform routine or essential maintenance.

Our stores in Parma keep stocks of all common wear parts ready for immediate dispatch to replenish your local stock.

For more information or to order spare parts from Levati Food Tech, contact our After Sales Departement sending a mail to


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