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Every business today must minimise its energy usage as part of its environmental policy and to maximise profitability in competitive markets. The sterilization and pasteurization process requires a high use of energy to generate the heat required. At Levati Food Tech we have developed techniques and processes that prevent wasting valuable energy, saving you money and keeping your business ahead of the rest.

Sterilization and pasteurization are batch processes. This means that retorts must be continually heated up and cooled down as an inherent part of the process. Although this cycle cannot be avoided we do have the ability to recover the heat during the cooling process for re-use in the following cycle. This keeps energy losses to a minimum. Tests have shown that savings of up to 10% on power usage can be achieved using a Levati Food Tech heat recovery system, as well as to optimise the sterilization cycle. Although heat recovery is a valuable process within any sterilization plant, the larger the plant, the greater the benefit will be.

Levati Food Tech heat recovery systems can be commissioned when a plant is new or can be retro-fitted to an existing plant improving its energy efficiency to save money for you and help you meet your environmental responsibilities.

Every sterilization and pasteurization requirement is different but they all require the careful management of temperature, pressure, time and dynamics to ensure the high quality of the end product and to minimise wastage. Using our SSM (Safe Sterilization Management) software you can control precisely the entire process ensuring that no time or energy is wasted and that the quality of the customers’ products are maintained.

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