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Levati Food Tech launches its new Robotic loading & unloading system at Cibus Tech 2014

During the Parmesan industrial fair Levati will display its latest product innovation: a quick, flexible robotic system. Its compact design maximizes performances minimizing space requirements, this is the ultimate solution where traditional handling systems fail due to their cost and complexity. This robotic system project was started using classic Levati work approach: careful analysis of Customers’ needs and market tendencies to meet their production requirement. A rapid increase in packaging variety and high frequency of flexible container turnover made the handling section of a food processing plant the most vulnerable part of a sterilization department. In such a context efficient sterilization and pasteurization require the most innovative handling techniques to guarantee constant high product quality. All these factors contributed to Levati effort to study a solution that could unite quality, production process repeatability, flexibility and production efficiency. The result is Levati robotic system. This solution offers numerous advantages: different change-size and product containers management by means of just one machine, mechanization of medium to big sized plants without renewing the entire production unit and space, speed up production with energy saving and minimizing required space. This robotic system, a new project for the food processing industry poses a challenge for Levati present and for Customers’ future.

Levati Food Tech and SSICA, Stazione Sperimentale per l’industria delle Conserve Alimentari in Parma (The Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry): a 10 year lasting business partnership that grows

SSICA and LEVATI FOOD TECH mutual supporting relationship in order to find out best sterilization recipes comes natural in the Parma area, heart of the Italian food processing industry. LEVATI FOOD TECH 45-year- experience in packed food sterilization combined with the expertise in experimental research of the Parma station for preserving industry, founded in 1922 has recently grown into a new relationship with Parma experimental station branch in Angri, near Salerno in the South of Italy. This southern area is also renowned for food industry and agriculture. 

LEVATI FOOD TECH supplied Angri branch with a lab pilot rotary retort mod. SR 800x800 1D S-WR-SA enabling higly qualified Angri station research personnel to carry out all the necessary tests on food quality and safety to meet any requirement on packed food made by food industries of the Salerno area.

Levati Food Tech launches new Lab Rotary food sterilization retort at Cibus Tech 2011

Levati Food Tech will be showing its new Lab Rotary sterilization retort SRC 1450 x 1500 S-WR for the sterilization of food products, at Cibus Tech 2011 in Parma, Italy from 18-21 October, Hall 6,Stand C 018 This unique system uses both fixed and rotating nozzles to obtain a uniform temperature distribution inside the retort to achieve: fast heat penetration inside the product, maximum thermal exchange, reduced cycle time, lower consumption of steam and cooling water and improved product quality.

The Lab-sized machine has the same diameter as an industrial unit but holds a single crate of product. When Cibus Tech is over the company will allow the retort to be rented for short periods for customers to perform their tests at their own premises avoiding the expense of sending personnel and product to Parma and maintaining product confidentiality during the testing phase. As the retort uses the same size crate as industrial equipment, test results can be scaled up seamlessly to full production levels.

This new project has resulted from a combination of inspired innovation and the experience Levati Food Tech has gained during 45 years in the food sterilization industry with more than 1,500 retorts installed worldwide.

Greci Industrie Alimentari renews his confidence in Levati technology

“Greci Industria Alimentare” specialized in the creation and realization of products for the professional restaurant business, has renewed his confidence in Levati Food Tech Sterilization technology purchasing the 11th Sterilization Retort Mod. SR 1400x4000 1D WR-WI.

The Water Immersion combined with the rotation has the advantage to reach the max heat penetration rate minimizing the overcooking risk of the product. The result is a high quality product which maintains its nutritional value and meets the high quality standards that has always characterized the Company.

The supply also comprises an Automatic Magnetic head Loader to automatically load the tinplate cans inside the retort, able to optimize the loading according to the product type.


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