SSM (Safe Sterilization Management)

Absolute control at your finger tips

Any mechanical system is only ever as good as its control system. The Levati Food Tech SSM (Safe Sterilisation Management) system can be programmed with the required sterilization recipe for each product and each type of package. Once the parameters are input, the SSM communicates with each retort to ensure that the recipe is accurately performed with each sterilization cycle. 
During sterilization the SSM shows the type of product that is being sterilized and the status of the sterilization process in each retort. The recipe will have been developed specifically for that product and will ensure that the correct level of heat penetration and distribution is achieved throughout every can, jar, pouch or tray in the retort. At all times the SSM system records the data for quality control and to comply with international track and trace requirements.

The SSM system can be linked to our engineering headquarters through a maintenance portal. If you report a software fault it is likely that our engineers will be able to fix the problem remotely online saving you time, money and avoiding any unnecessary down time. If a mechanical fault develops the SSM control will provide information to our maintenance crew to help our engineers identify the fault before they arrive on site. This helps them get the system up and running as quickly as possible.


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