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Sterilization of sea food

Everyone who has ever cooked fish knows that the cooking time is critical. It’s very easy to over-cook fish making it dry and unappetising. For this reason it is essential to control the sterilization process carefully, thereby maintaining both the high volume production levels required and the quality of the product.

The worldwide market for sterilized fish is mainly Tuna and Sardines. It’s a very high volume business with some plants reaching production levels of around 3,000 cans per minute. At that level of production it is essential to reduce the processing time as much as possible to maintain the necessary throughput. Short processing times also help to ensure the quality of the product.

Fish is usually sterilized using static retorts. Our static retorts are available in a wide range of sizes and models to fit any application. Retort diameters range from 1.2m to 2.5m and the length can be anything from 2m to 8m depending on the duty cycle of the application. This allows you to choose retorts to match your production requirements and to add additional equipment as the requirement expands. Safe Sterilization Management (SSM) keeps you in control and provides full track and trace capabilities to conform to all international requirements.

Using our experience we have the ability to choose the right technology and to balance the key elements of temperature, time, pressure and dynamics to ensure these objectives are met in full. By minimising the processing time, while ensuring the necessary heat penetration to every part of every can, you can not only produce a first class product but also meet your commercial objectives by improving productivity and keeping one step ahead of the competition. 

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