Food sterilization testing at Stazione Sperimentale delle Conserve Alimentari (SSICA)

Using the facilities and expertise of the Stazione Sperimentale delle Conserve Alimentari (SSICA) at the university of Parma we have the ability to run exhaustive laboratory trials to validate sterilization recipes to match your customers’ expectations.

By combining our own 45 years of experience in food sterilization and processing with the expertise available at SSICA, we are able to reproduce your product behaviour using dedicated pilot sterilization plants. Our services include thermal process design and validation, temperature distribution analysis, and heat penetration measurements to determine the correct sterilization recipe for each of your products.

Our specialist team of thermal process experts and specialists in food preservation will work with your own technicians to match your requirements and provide a precise assessment of project costs. An optimum thermal profile for each product is then identified to achieve fast commissioning of the project.


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