Sterilization of vegetable products

The key to the effective sterilization of vegetables is flexibility. Every vegetable is different, requiring different cooking times, temperatures, pressures and agitation throughout the process. Processing, however, is further complicated by the wide variation in can size: container sizes can vary from 300g for individual domestic use up to 5kg for industrial and catering packs. For each pack size and each vegetable type the sterilization recipe needs to be different.

Our technology has the ability to be infinitely variable and to provide your operators with absolute control of the process and traceability of the outcome. It also allows recipes to be uploaded automatically for each product and switched quickly to avoid production delays. Safe Sterilization Management (SSM) keeps you in control and provides full track and trace capabilities to conform to all international requirements.

The need to keep cooking times as short as possible, while maintaining adequate treatment, is particularly important for vegetables as they can be very easily damaged by over cooking. The large cans also pose a particular challenge to ensure a uniform heat penetration throughout the product. Keeping the cooking time as short as possible maintains the nutritional value of the product and helps you to meet the demands of your production schedules.
Using our experience we have the ability to choose the right technology and to balance the key elements of temperature, time, pressure and dynamics to ensure these objectives are met in full. By minimising the processing time, while ensuring the necessary heat penetration to every part of every can, whatever the size, you can not only produce a first class product but also meet your commercial objectives by improving productivity, reducing the use of power and raw materials, meeting your environmental obligations and keeping one step ahead of the competition. 

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