Probe calibration during routine servicing of retorts

Controlling the sterilization and pasteurization process accurately is vitally important to ensure the security of the process while maintaining the quality of the food. Most retorts contains probes to measure the temperature during the process and to identify any cold spots within the retort. Every part of every can, jar, tray or pouch must reach the required temperature for the required time to achieve secure sterilization or pasteurization.

It is a legal requirement for you to have probes calibrated regularly (usually every 6 to 12 months depending on the application) to ensure their accuracy and warrant that every part of the process has been performed correctly. At Levati Food Tech we have the ability to handle this calibration for you. This can be done at any time but ideally calibration should take place during routine servicing of the equipment. This keeps costs and down time to a minimum, avoids the need to employ a third-party calibration company and ensures that the calibration is being performed by engineers who fully understand your process.

Probe calibration certificates are required to comply with FDA regulations.

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