Heat Distribution

Measuring heat distribution during sterilization and pasteurization

Controlling the key elements of heat, time, pressure and dynamics is the key to effective and efficient sterilization and pasteurization of food products. Every part of every can, jar, tray or pouch must reach the required temperature for the required time to achieve secure sterilization or pasteurization.

To achieve adequate heat penetration through every product in the retort it is essential to have efficient heat distribution otherwise some products will be overcooked while others, positioned in cold spots within the retort, wait to achieve the required temperature.

Rotary retort SRC (System Rotary Combined )

Enhanced heat distribution

The new SRC rotary retort is a totally new concept in sterilization and pasteurization technology. The SRC is the only retort currently on the market to combine both fixed and rotating nozzles to achieve the best possible temperature distribution throughout the retort and significantly reduce the processing time.

As the angle of the water jets is constantly changing within the retort with respect to the product, the SRC is able to achieve a much faster and more uniform heat distribution and penetration. This reduces the level of cold spots, reduces the processing time and avoids the damaging of product through excessive heat treatment, significantly improving product’s overall quality.

The ability to balance the water flow between the static and rotary nozzles allows sterilization recipes to be optimised.

Careful control

All Levati Food Tech retorts benefit from our unique control system: SSM (Safe Sterilization Management). This allows you to measure the time taken to heat up, hold temperature, cool down and the distribution of heat in the retort throughout the sterilization process. This level of control helps ensure that food products are safely treated using the minimum cooking time to retain product taste, texture and nutritional value.

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