Brusher Washer SC & SCL

The brusher washer is usually installed after the steam peeler to separate skins and wash the tubers. 
The product cycle is an automatic continuous type. 
Stainless steel execution 

The model SC is divided in two sections: 
• in the first section rotating brushes scrub skins from tubers. Skins are consequently collected in the first bottom hopper; 
• in the second section tubers are washed by sprayed water. Fines and particles are collected in the second, bottom hopper. 
Production capacity ranges from 3 tons/h up to 6 tons/h 

 The model SCL is divided in two sections: 
• in the first section the rotating brushes separate skins from tubers. Skin is consequently collected in the bottom hopper and evacuated. This section is equipped with water nozzles to wash the brushes; 
• in the second section the tubers are washed in a rotating drum by sprayed water. 
Production capacity ranges 10 tons/h


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