Lab-scale SRC rotary retort

New Lab-scale rotary retort at Levati Food Tech

Your chance to evaluate the latest technology at your factory. 
The new Levati Food Tech in has a laboratory-sized SRC rotary retort that is available for customers to use for product and process testing or for pilot-scale product runs for test marketing projects. The retort may be rent for a short time to conduct your own confidential trials on your own premises.

The SRC 1450 x 1500 S-WR retort in the laboratory uses both fixed and rotating nozzles to obtain a uniform temperature distribution inside the retort to achieve: fast heat penetration inside the product, maximum thermal exchange, reduced cycle time, lower consumption of steam and cooling water and improved product quality.

Although the SRC retort is a rotary machine is can be used in fixed mode to test products that are unsuitable for rotary treatment or to test one process against another.

The Lab-sized machine has the same diameter as an industrial unit but holds only a single crate of product. This ensures that the results obtained during testing can be seamlessly scaled up to a full production level

The SRC also includes a host of technical advances to make the equipment easier to use, simpler to maintain, extend its operational life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These include: extended life door seals; an individual crate clamping system for the safe handling of crates containing different levels of product; a new, recyclable filter system to reduce blockages; external access to the drive wheels for simple servicing; and a new user-friendly operator interface.

Hire our lab-scate rotary SRC retort for confidential trials on your own premises

If you wish to carry out confidential testing of products and sterilization processes, you may hire our lab-size SRC rotary retort – which features both fixed and rotating spray nozzles – for use on your own premises. To find out more contact


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