Automated Batch Retorts – Static and Rotary

The Levati Food Tech batch retort is the classic sterilization retort for awide range of applications where high productivity, reliability, flexibility and safety are required.
Our static retorts are available in a wide range of sizes and models to fit any application. Retort diameters range from 0.8m to 2.5m and the length can be anything from 1m to 8m depending on the duty cycle of the application. Our retorts are also available in different sterilization cycles to offer a choice of sterilizing options:

Static Retort 
> Steam only: for use with metal cans of up to 150mm diameter.
> Water Rain: for metal cans over 150mm diameter, glass containers and paperboard cartons.
  > Steam/Air: for flexible pouches and plastic containers.

Rotary Retort 
  > Steam: for metal cans up to 80mm diameter.
> Water Rain: for metal cans over 80mm diameter, glass containers, flexible pouches and plastic containers. 
> Water immersion: for glass containers and cans.

Our static retorts are designed and produced with the intention to be easily retrofitted to cater for all sterilization cycles. This gives maximum flexibility in terms of changing between packaging material and sterilization options. 

The principle behind any food sterilization or pasteurization process is to balance the key elements of temperature, pressure, time and dynamics to ensure the desired product quality and required production levels, while keeping power and raw material usage to a minimum. Using these variables, our engineers have the experience necessary to select the ideal sterilization recipe for you that will achieve your requirements in the most effective and economical way. 

Our control system provides a full track and trace capability and allows you to monitor each retort during the sterilization process so you can see the status at any time. We call it Safe Sterilization Management (SSM). SSM also provides a portal through which our engineers can gain online access to the control software. Should a software fault develop, our engineers will be able to dial in remotely and fix the problem. If there is a physical fault, the system automatically alerts the operator so they are prepared and can respond quickly and effectively.


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