New Rotary Technology

Rotary retort SRC (System Rotary Combined)

A new concept in rotary sterilization technology

The new SRC rotary retort is a totally new concept in sterilization and pasteurization technology. The patented system was launched at the Cibus exhibition in Parma in 2011 and represents a step change in retort design that reduces processing time, thereby helping to ensure the quality of the sterilized product and significantly improving productivity when compared with ordinary rotary or static retorts. 

Until the launch of the SRC, rotary retort had water spray nozzles fixed into the top of the retort or into the rotating element. The SRC is the only retort to combine both fixed and rotating nozzles to achieve the best possible temperature distribution throughout the retort and significantly reduce the processing time. The flexibility to balance the water flow between the static and rotary nozzles allows sterilization recipes to be optimized.

Constantly changing water jet angle 
As the angle of the water jets is constantly changing within the retort with respect to the product, the SRC is able to achieve a much faster and more uniform heat penetration. This reduces the level of cold spots, reduces the processing time and avoids the damaging of product, through excessive heat treatment, significantly improving product’s overall quality. 
Faster processing means better quality and reduced costs 
Faster processing means higher production levels as well as improved product quality. Large installations may also benefit from an improved footprint as fewer retorts are necessary to maintain production at any given level. 

Engineering developments 
The SRC also includes a host of technical advances to make the equipment easier to use, simpler to maintain, extend its operational life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These include: extended life door seals; an individual crate clamping system for the safe handling of crates loaded with different levels of product; a new, recyclable filter system to reduce blockages; external access to the drive wheels for simple servicing; and a new user-friendly operator interface.


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