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Service and support for sterilization and pasteurization retorts

At Levati Food Tech we greatly value our long-term relationships with customers developed through scheduled service, spare parts supply, emergency call out, calibration service and consultancy for upgrades. It is our aim to keep your Levati retorts and handling systems working efficiently, throughout their long service lives, even when your business requirements change.

We recommend regular servicing to maintain your systems in perfect condition. Calibration of all probes must be carried out every 6 or 12 months depending upon the application. Original spare parts should always be used to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your equipment.

Online & Onsite Maintenance

Using our SSM (Safe Sterilization Management) software, we can analyse software faults on your systems online from our engineering centre ... (read more) 

Machine Upgrade

By simply upgrading your retort’s control systems we are able to improve efficiency, flexibility, and productivity without the need to invest in new sterilization equipment ... (read more)

Spare Parts

We always recommend the use of original spare parts to ensure the top performance of  Levati Food Tech sterilization and pasteurization equipment ... (read more)

Energy Saving

At Levati Food Tech we have developed techniques and processes that prevent wasting valuable energy, saving you money and keeping your business ahead of the rest ... (read more )


We now offer a new calibration service so that your probe calibration can be carried out at the same time as your scheduled service saving you money and machine down time ... (read more )

Heat Distribution

Controlling the key elements of heat, time, pressure and dynamics is the key to effective and efficient sterilization and pasteurization of food products ... (read more )


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