Sterilization and pasteurization technologies for today’s food and beverage processing plants

Levati Food Tech technology is renowned worldwide for its quality, technical sophistication, reliability and production capability.Whether your requirement is for food and beverage sterilization or pasteurization, you can be certain that we have the level of technology, industry know-how and after-sales service you need.

Our sterilization and pasteurization systems can be fully automatic or semi-automatic offering you the flexibility you need to meet your plant specifications. Whether your products are packed into pouches, trays, steel cans, aluminium cans or glass jars, and whatever type of closing device you have chosen, we have the technology to match and the ability to design your sterilization plant to achieve your aims in the most economic and effective way. 

Our control systems provide a full track and trace capability and allow you to change the sterilization recipe for each product as you wish. By balancing the key elements of temperature, pressure, time and dynamics we can ensure the desired product quality and required production levels, while keeping power and raw material usage to a minimum. If the sterilization is also required to be a part of the cooking time we can use our experience to advise on the precise parameters you should use to achieve product perfection.

Our company have the ability to supply you, wherever you are in the world, with the finest equipment and systems available today with the benefit of local representation and support. As you look through the technologies listed in this section of the website you may be confident that they are all backed by over 45 years of experience in the production of food and beverage processing equipment and the synergies we are able to achieve with our partners.


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